May 2014 Newswire


The Michigan Dental Hygienists’ Association ‘s 18th annual Legislative Luncheon is Wednesday, May 7, 2014, be sure to attend.  This is your opportunity to speak with your legislators and have our voices heard.  If you are planning on attending please RSVP and contact your legislators to let them know you will be attending.  They are more inclined to attend if they know a constituent will be there.

Also the MDHA delegates attending the ADHA annual meeting will be meeting with the other members of District V in Fort Wayne, IN on May 30-31.   We will be discussing the proposed resolutions and planning our responses.  If you have any concerns regarding our association this is the time to contact one of your delegates so they can present your concern to ADHA.   Michigan is a respected voice at ADHA along with district V.

I am hopeful that our new website will be up and running by the time you receive this Newswire.  Check it out.  We have an updated look.  Please feel free to comment on the website.  We need your input to provide the best possible service.  Read more