July 2014 Newswire

We have had a successful spring.  Your officers have been busy with Spirit of Michigan (a joint meeting with the MDA, MDHA and MDAA), legislative luncheon, Mission of Mercy, District V meeting and the ADHA Annual House of Delegates.

I would like to thank all of those who participated in the Spirit of Michigan, either by attendance or volunteering.  Your contribution makes a difference to the Association as well as your profession.   We are already gearing up for next year, which is to be held in Lansing.  Please inform MDHA officers if you have any suggestions for speakers or are interested in volunteering.  Your input is always appreciated.

The MDHA Legislative luncheon was held in the House Office Building on May 7, 2014.  It allows dental hygienists a one on one opportunity to speak to their elected officials in a non-threatening atmosphere.  This year prior to the luncheon our lobbyist Sarah Hubbard presented a CE.  It was informative and enjoyed by many.  We had several students in attendance as well.  I believe participating is a valuable experience.  We are planning to continue the tradition.  Mark your calendars for next year May, 13,2015.

A huge thank you to those who volunteered for the Mission of Mercy held on the campus of Ferris State University.  The event was a success and was appreciated by the many people that were served.  It is one small part of solving the access to care issue here in Michigan.

The District V meeting was held in Ft Wayne, IN on the same weekend as the Mission of Mercy.  MDHA delegates met with the delegations from Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky to discuss the proposed by-laws (Pby’s) and policies (Pr’s) to the ADHA HOD.  District V is a voice to be heard on the national level.  We Rock!

Lastly, the ADHA House of Delegates was held in Las Vegas.  The first few days are filled with CE courses and opportunities for officers to meet with ADHA staff.  We all participated in some capacity.   We are proud of Melissa Rosochacki who served as a panelist at the Diversity workshop.  She out shined the other panelist with her confidence and well thought out answers.  On the house floor the Pby I was excited about, was to change the title of the voting members of the organization from Active to Professional.  The data shows that potential members are resistant to join because they believe Active member means that you must do something more than pay your dues.  Other policy changes were made that rewrote current policies written in the negative to a positive format, which we had done in Michigan a few years ago.  The most significant change for ADHA took place this last year when the organization developed a new strategic plan.

The plan to accomplish these goals is through Education, Alliances, and Advocacy.  Newly installed ADHA President Kelli Swanson Jaecks is the perfect person to lead us through this transition.   Our organization is a Tripartite organization, National, State and Local.  There is power in numbers.  Together we are stronger.   If you are considering membership, this is your time, this is our time, and together we can make a difference.  Help us Frame the Future of our profession.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cheryl Bentley, RDH
MDHA President

July 2014 Newswire