Oral Health in Michigan

Dental Therapy News Update:

Senate Passes SB 541

We’re very excited to share the news that Senate Bill 541, the legislation that would authorize dental therapists to practice in Michigan, was approved today by the Senate, 21-15.
Thank you for all of your efforts to reach out to Senators in support of this bill, and your engagement as we continue moving forward on this issue. Our coalition is strong in our commitment to increasing access to oral health care for ALL Michigan residents.

Please join us in thanking the Senators who voted yes on SB 541:
Sen. Darwin Booher
Sen. Jack Brandenburg
Sen. Ian Conyers
Sen. Judy Emmons
Sen. Mike Green
Sen. Curtis Hertel
Sen. Dave Hildenbrand
Sen. Morris Hood
Sen. Hoon-Yung Hopgood
Sen. David Knezek
Sen. Marty Knollenberg
Sen. Mike Kowall
Sen. Jim Marleau
Sen. Arlan Meekhof
Sen. Mike Nofs
Sen. Margaret O’Brien
Sen. Phil Pavlov
Sen. John Proos
Sen. Mike Shirkey
Sen. Rebekah Warren
Sen. Dale Zorn
Next Steps
Now we prepare for SB 541 to move forward in the House. The bill has been referred to the House Health Policy Committee, chaired by Rep. Hank Vaupel. We will continue to share updates as we learn more about possible committee hearings.
It’s not too early to reach out to your Representative in the House. You can locate representatives for your area by entering your address here. Please continue sharing information about access to care challenges and why adding dental therapists to our clinics and practices in Michigan will help.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at info@midentalaccess.org for specific advocacy materials, or visit midentalaccess.org.

Any questions or concerns: please contact MDHA at president@mdhatoday.org or 517.381.8557. Sarah Hubbard at Acuita: shubbard@acuitasllc.com