Your Action is Needed Today

Hello Fellow Registered Dental Hygienists!
Please contact your senator today and ask them to support SB 541. YOUR personal touch will make a difference. A vote is expected next week to move this bill forward. Email and/or call TODAY. A sample letter is below.
Thank You!!


You can locate contact information for your senator by entering your address here
Dear Senator,
I’m a Registered Dental Hygienist in Michigan and I urge you to vote in favor of Senate Bill 541.
Major challenges in accessing and affording dental care persist despite efforts to address barriers to oral health services. Seniors, pregnant women, low-income children, and other special populations are most at-risk for poor oral health.
Even in areas of the state where many private practice dentists operate, many people cannot get access to dental care because they are uninsured or dentists do not accept public insurance.
I believe a Dental Therapist will provide better access to dental care and I urge you to support SB 541 to allow this to happen.
Your name and address